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in 2004 Gabrielle Hoffman established G-lish Fashions. She has been designing beading and embroidery since 2000. She started off working with design companies in New York and grew her company which was sold globally for over a decade. In 2022 the company is now promoting their products online. Gabrielle has worked with several couture houses but her vision and background has been in clothing, accessories, and home furnishings. Her details and aesthetic of hand beading and customized work is a very niche fun exciting vision. She believes people should feel happy in this day and age through the glitter and jewels of the embroidery details to make them feel the sensation of peace and tranquility. She works very hard with her factories overseas as well as with her clients to make sure that her customers and her buyers are happy with the end products that she promotes and sells. Her vision is that people should feel peace and harmony so that they can have their life's in a better way throughout every piece they buy. She hopes you enjoy the website so that you can now shop our products from anywhere and feel special for yourself and friends.


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